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Caroline Mc Veigh - Artist


Born and still residing in Newry  I have always had a keen interest in art but it wasn’t until my youngest child was born and I became a “stay at home mum” and with much encouragement from family that I had the “nerve” to try my hand at painting. I tried various mediums before finally settling on oils. I love its texture and versatility.  Portrait painting became a passion.


Having spent many years’ commission painting the time came when I needed to express my inner feelings.

Hence this series of artwork.


Each canvas is a reflection of my mood at that particular time.


I want this mood to evoke an emotion from the viewer, maybe a past memory, appreciation or understanding of the present or inspiration for the future.


When faced with a blank canvas I don’t have a finished piece in mind. It evolves through each layer of paint and brush stroke, sometimes in a matter of hours, others days or weeks. Blending different hues produces a range of emotions such as red emitting anger, frustration or even passion. A cool palette showing calmness, emptiness or peace.


No specific scene or place is replicated as each image is spiritual in that it relates to the human spirit. Life is a series of emotions, so I hope is viewing my work.








Two Solo Exhibitions

Sales through Ross’s, Belfast

Sales through Gormley’s, Belfast

Lorsha, Newry

Shipquay Gallery, Derry


Portrait Commissions

Participation in numerous group exhibits


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